Personal Statement

Teaching is something that does not have to be tied to the classroom. During my time at UH, I have found many learning opportunities outside of the classroom in places like the lab, the professor’s office, eateries, social club lounges, and even at sporting events. This is why I believe that, as a teacher, it is my responsibility to provide opportunities for my students that extend past
the classroom setting.
My goal is to create learning experiences that engage my students in and outside of the classroom. I want my students to come to class, learn new things, work collabaratively with their peers, and make connections from their learning to the real world.

Helping facilitate an environment where students collaboratively work on big ideas, engaging projects, and answer their own questions through real world examples is my goal as an educator.

Personal Statement Writing Tips

The above is a sample personal statement. Use this sample to get ideas about writing your own.
o Take note that the first paragraph comes from the writers personal experience in an educational setting.
o The second paragraph uses the ideas from the first paragraph to formulate an idea about the ideal classroom of the writer.
o The third paragraph summarizes and repeats the ideas and concludes the statement.

1. Before Posting on your homepage, use this page to write your own.
2. Have your personal statement edited by your classmates. Check for spelling, grammar and flow.
3. Once checked and completed, copy and paste from here to Introduction.