Photograph Guidelines

A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words:

As you begin to identify or take a new picture for your teaching portfolio, keep the following in mind:  

School district principals and recruiting staff will often look at your teaching e-portfolio as part of the way in which they select and hire new teachers.  Therefore, it is important to make the right impression.

Use these guidelines to identify a photograph of yourself that will help create a great first impression.  If none of your photographs seem to fit these guidelines, borrow a digital camera from the citelab if you don't own one and ask one of your peers to help you take a picture that fits the guidelines.

Photograph Guidelines:
  • Attire
    • Appropriate: "Business Casual"
      • button downs, 
      • dress shirts, blouses and more
      • structured dresses and slacks.
      • trouser jeans, or jeans that would fit "business casual"
    • Inappropriate:
      • large areas of exposed skin
      • messy, baggy, wrinkled, torn or too tight
  • Colors & Patterns
    • Appropriate: "Neutral"
      • Neutral colors: Whites, Blacks and Grays
      • Pastel shades: light pinks, greens, yellow etc.
      • Patterns that are soft, not loud and overpowering
    • Inappropriate:
      • bold colors that overpower
      • Patterns that overpower
      • written text that is distracting
  • Jewelry/Makeup/Tattoos:
    • Appropriate: "Tastefully Classic"
      • necklace:single tasteful necklace appropriate for "business casual"
      • earrings: earrings kept to single in each ear
      • makeup: tasteful and classic colors, enhances your personality/style, not overdone
      • Tattoos: should NEVER be visible
    • Inappropriate
      • necklace: large, bold, colorful or multiple necklaces layered
      • earrings: large, bold, or multiple in each ear
      • makeup: overdone, club inspired
      • Tattoos: visible in photograph
  • Setting and Background:
    • Appropriate: Academic
      • in a classroom
      • on the university campus
      • in an academic environment/atmosphere
      • portrait style with neutral background
    • Inappropriate: 
      • at a party
      • in a club 
      • at a restaurant (food/drinks can be seen)
      • lounging on your sofa