Holly School Educator Effectiveness

The Holly School District believes that great teachers offer great opportunities for students. As part of this philosophy, both teachers and principals are evaluated regularly. Probationary teachers receive a minimum of two formal observations and one evaluation each year. Nonprobationary teachers receive at least one formal observation and one evaluation annually. This is not to mention the countless informal walkthroughs and observations that occur on a daily basis. This data is collected as defined by Colorado State Statute 22-9-106 to evaluate the performance of our licensed personnel and to help maintain the high quality of teachers.

Holly School District uses the RANDA-Colorado State Model Performance Management System to record instructional and observational data for teachers and principals. The system adheres to the performance standards established by the state board and adopted by the general assembly pursuant to Colorado State Statute 22-9-105.5. To learn more about educator effectiveness, please check out the links below.